- Accurate measurements are critical for a successful EZ Wrap.  It is always best to take a picture of each side of the truck and send it along with the measurements. Pay close attention to rivets, reflectors, hazard signs and angles at the front of the box. You may choose to remove or relocate some of these items. If you have rivets that are within 1/4 of the edge of the vehicle then take your measurement inside those rivets. See close up at the bottom.

Please read through complete instructions before beginning the measurement process. 

‚ÄčThe EZ Wrap System is best used on flat surfaces with no obstructions.  The system is a two-piece aluminum extrusion specially designed to hold a printed scrim banner tightly in place. The EZ Wrap System Kit includes all necessary hardware and initial print material to completely transform your box truck. Please follow the measurement instructions carefully, this is the most critical step in the process.